iTunes – How to download and listen to music on iPhone

Apple users have an exclusive app to listen to music on their iPhones: iTunes. As it turns out that for users who are used to the convenience of other more friendly applications, iTunes becomes a little complicated to use, but once you get used to it, it seems easier than at first.

Here’s how this app works so you can take advantage of it and download and listen to music not only on your iPhone but on any other Apple device you want to sync. With this you won’t have to be transferring music from one device to another, you just keep it in sync and you’ll have all your songs at your disposal on all your Apple devices.

Download music to iTunes

The first thing you have to be clear about is that iTunes is not a music store nor is it a place to store your music,it just works like a player that searches for music from the folder or library where you have it stored on your device and the Plays.

So for that the first thing you need to do is organize your library. Here’s how to do this whole procedure from the simplest: Download iTunes itself.

Download iTunes: the initial step

If you want to have music on your iTunes, obviously the first thing you need is to have iTunes installed on your computer. Normally your iPhone will have it pre-installed, but on your computer you’ll have to download it so that you can more easily add the music to your library. I explain step by step how it’s done.

    1. The first thing you need to do is go to the official Apple website and search for the iTunes downloads section, choose your operating system, place your email and click on the blue button that says“Download now”. You can directly access the download page by clicking on this link:

download itunes

It is important that you always download the applications from the official website of their developers,as that way you will be saving the risk of downloading contaminated files, malware and things that could infect your computer.

  1. Once the download process is complete, you proceed to run the program installer. It is very simple to do, you simply have to click on next to all the options until you reach the end.
  2. Open your iTunes. When you open it for the first time he will explore the music that you have on your computer and will automatically add it to his library,so you won’t have to load the songs you already have because the program will already recognize them.
  3. Sync your devices. When you connect your iPhone (or iPad) to your computer using the iTunes USB cable, it will ask if you want to sync your device and you will have to follow the steps that indicate it to add it.
  4. Once you have added your iPhone you will be displayed above the menu the synced device. Then what you would have left would be to add music.

itunes installed

Adding music to iTunes library

Once you have iTunes installed on your computer you will want to add music. To do this simply download it from your trusted download site, organize it on your computer and then take it to iTunes.

Adding it to iTunes is the easiest of steps, you simply have to select everything you want to add (songs, folders or lists) and drag it to the library. It is important to note that if what you are adding are songs then you must position yourself in the songs option in the menu. If what you want to add are music folders this defines it as Albums, to do so you can place yourself in that option, select all the folders and drag them to the library.

itunes add songs

Synchronizing music with iPhone

Now, you already have the music in the iTunes library, but this doesn’t mean it’s already on your mobile,now what you need to do is sync your device. To do this you simply have to click on the top, where your already synchronized device is indicated and a window with the device information will open.

itunes sync iphone

Then you need to position yourself in the menu option that says music and you will see a series of options. The main one of them is a check box that says“sync the music”. You can decide if you want to sync the entire library or only the lists or genres you’ve selected.

itunes sync music

Once you have selected the option of “Sync music”will open a warning message asking if you are sure you want to delete all songs, movies, programs, ringtones and other information contained in your iTunes to replace it with the current library. If both libraries are synced, they will be the same, so you don’t have to worry (unless it’s a totally different library and you don’t have it pre-synced with your mobile) and you just have to click on the blue button “Delete and sync“.

synchronize warning

Important tips to keep in mind

There are times when users try to copy the music to the iTunes library or their mobile as I explained earlier (dragging it to the library) and it doesn’t work for them, it doesn’t fail but it doesn’t do anything either. This is true for one simple reason: you don’t have the option to manually manage music and videos enabled.

To enable it you simply have to go, being on your device, to the summary tab and there, at the end at the bottom, you will find a check box that says:“Manage the music and videos manually”. Verify that it is enabled and if not, enable it by clicking on it.

manage manually

Another thing you should know is that when it’s the first time you connect your phone to your computer, you will get a confirmation message, it must accept it on both your phone and computer. The mistake many make is that they only accept it in one of us and think it should work by now.

When you’re done passing the music to your device, you can verify that all your songs are on your iPhone by simply going to the library and selecting the “songs” option, just like you did earlier on your computer.

If the whole process was successful, then there you can see the music you just passed and you can play it by clicking on the play button, just like any other music player.

itunes iphone

As you may have noticed, after all, it is not so complex the process to download and listen to music on your iPhone, it is simply about adapting,as I told you at the beginning, and understanding how this Apple music player works.